Why forever audacious?


au·da·cious (ô-dshs)
1. Fearlessly, often recklessly daring; bold.
2. Unrestrained by convention or propriety; insolent.
3. Spirited and original

......Continuously Striving to Remain that Way FOREVER:.

Artist Statement:

Giving Infinite Thanks to you for taking the time to CONNECT further into the "Vicarious" world of Forever Audacious™ .Our goal is to provide a fresh aesthetic when  creating  novelties of ART that are  Overly Stimulating to the eye, and Fabulously Functional. Each Piece is carefully handcrafted with LOVE and thoughts of NOT being synonymous with the next. We like to color outside of the lines here at Forever Audacious™   So Please Join in if you DARE.


Vocals, Guitar / Lee Clayton
Keyboard, Sampling / Mikael Johnasson
Bass / Ethan Stone
Drums / Omer Asani