Culturally Rich & Bold Accessories

  for the Esoteric.

 (Men Included)

Kaylan of Forever Audacious


Kaylan is the emerging artisan behind Forever Audacious. She works in a variety of media, but favors Jewelry design. She began designing accessories while studying Fashion Merchandising & Textile Design at Virginia State University (Petersburg, VA.). As her affinity for designing and crafting grew stronger since childhood, she quickly decided to follow in her family’s footsteps of entrepreneurship, and started her own small business in 2008.



My work is an experiment in emotion. I’ve never been disconnected from art. Since childhood, I always drew, painted, or crafted something. Culture, my upbringing, colors, and textures are the forces that drive me to create. Inspirations are drawn spiritually, sonically and visually. Very seldom do I start with a blueprint of what I set out to manifest, it’s very FREE-FORM. I experience grave excitement while handcrafting my pieces, which further connects me to them, as a portion of my wandering imagination is included. Do Indulge!



I'd like to personally THANK YOU for taking the time to CONNECT further into the "Vicarious" world of Forever Audacious™ .Our goal is to provide a fresh aesthetic when  creating  novelties of ART that are  Overly Stimulating to the eye, and Fabulously Functional. Each Piece is carefully handcrafted with LOVE and thoughts of NOT being synonymous with the next. We like to color outside of the lines here at Forever Audacious™   So Please Join in if you DARE.

"In a world where people own ZEBRA VISIONS..we chase those PEACOCK DREAMS" - Manifested By J A D E

Thank You for Indulging.
ENJOY The View(s). 

Peace x Creation,


Founder /Principal Artisan

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